Four Seasons Motel

Address  1100 Crystal Ave, Crystal Falls, MI 49920
Phone  1-906-875-6596


Whether you seek the solitude of a quiet trout stream, the excitement of a wilderness hunt, the adventure of exploring hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails, or just the relaxation of enjoying nature at its finest, the Four Seasons Motel has just what you are looking for.

Located in Crystal Falls, at the heart of the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Four Seasons Motel is close to restaurants, shopping, and gas stations, yet literally minutes from hundreds of square miles of unspoiled wilderness. The Four Seasons Motel offers eleven units complete with cable TV, telephones, and refrigerators.

The next time you want to “get away from it all”, why not try the Four Seasons Motel, and enjoy a truly relaxing and rewarding experience.