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Pentoga Park Indian Burial Grounds

Discover the site of a pre-European Native American settlement and permanent area headquarters where Ojibwa bands congregated. Wooden burial structures have endured over time to protect and mark the graves of these ancient bands. When Chief Edwards moved west in 1891, he disposed of these lands with their traditional burial grounds. The county purchased the land in 1924 to develop a Pentoga Park on the beautiful shores of Chicaugon Lake and to preserve the burial grounds as a tribute to Native Americans.

Pentoga Park, By Mikel B. Classen

“The drums pound out a steady irresistible beat that can be heard across the calm waters of the lake. Long shadows move and mingle with the tall pines and hardwoods. The huge ceremonial fire tinges everything around orange and yellow. The Ojibwa Indians dance in a circle around the fire. The humble village stands silhouetted along the shore where birch bark canoes sit waiting to be taken out on the water for fishing. The ceremony is in honor of one who has passed on to the realm of the Great Spirit. The body had been earlier put to rest in the burial ground on the far ridge. Occasionally mourning wails mingled with the drumbeats…”


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