Snow Conditions & Trail Reports ~ Iron County Michigan

Conditions change quickly in our area so we've created this page to help you plan your trip - bookmark our page and check back often!  Good snow is here!   Read about our Iron County Michigan snowmobile trail conditions and snow reports for downhill skiing, fat tire biking, snowshoeing, and cross-country ski trails - all the latest on new snow, trail conditions, and more.

Trails are closed for the year. 

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Snowmobile Trail Report & Conditions - Iron County

Date of Report: 4/1/20

New Snowfall: n/a

Iron County Snow Base: n/a

Trail Conditions:

  • Trail 2: Closed

  • Trail 116: Closed

  • Trail 107: Closed

  • Trail 16: Closed

  • Trail 113: Closed

  • Trail 15(N): Closed
  • Trail 15(S): Closed
  • Trail 111: Closed
  • Trail 18: Closed


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Downhill Ski Report & Conditions - Ski Brule

Date of Report: 4/1/20

New Snowfall: n/a

Snow base: n/a

Ski Brule Trail Conditions:

  • circle Maple Syrup: Closed
    Midwest Ski Trail Report Homestead: Closed
    Michigan Snowboard Trail Report Bambi:  Closed  
    circle Gentle Ben: Closed
    circle Maple Syrup:  Closed   

    Michigan Ski Report Sunrise: Closed
    square Otterslide: Closed
    square Log Jam:  Closed
    square Hot Cider: Closed
    square North Forty: Closed
    square Spillway: Closed

    Wisconsin Ski Report Whitewater: Closed  
    Wisconsin Snow Conditions Big Bear:  Closed  
    diamondMidwest Snow Conditions Timberdoodle: Closed  

    Most Difficult
    double_diamondSnow Conditions At Ski Brule Double Doodle: Closed
    Snow Conditions at Ski Brule Rapids: Closed
    Snow Conditions Snowshoe: Closed

    Midwest Snow Conditions Beginner Terrain Michigan Snow Conditions More Difficult diamond Difficult double_diamond Most Difficult rectangleTerrain Trail


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Fat Tire Bike, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Ski Report

Date of Report: 4/1/20

New Snowfall: n/a

Iron County Snow Base: n/a

Ski Brule trail report:

Young's trail report

  • XC Trail: Closed

  • Snowshoe Trails: Closed

  • Fat Tire Trails: Closed


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