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Did you know Michigan's Upper Peninsula boasts over 300 waterfalls? We've compiled a list of "Top Spots / Must See Waterfalls" to guide you on your visit! Each waterfall, from roaring giants to hidden gems, reflects the pristine wilderness of the region. Whether you're a waterfall enthusiast, photographer, or nature seeker, the U.P.'s waterfalls promise an unforgettable experience. Plan your Michigan adventure with our list of must-see falls to ensure you don't miss out on these natural marvels that define the Upper Peninsula.

Bond Falls

Bond Falls is breathtaking… one waterfall elevated by yet another waterfall - just off of Hwy 45 (see Bond Falls MI map)

Agate Falls

Beautiful chain of cascades on the Ontonogan River's middle branch - located just off of M-28 (see Agate Falls MI map)

Canyon Falls Roadside Park & Canyon Falls

Given the name (Michigan's Little Grand Canyon).  This is a GREAT place to stop for a picnic plus it's only a short walk into the Falls.  It's absolutely a must if touring the UP of Michigan - just off of US 41 North (see Canyon Falls Roadside Park MI map)

Falls River Waterfalls

(8) falls total- If you can only visit (1) river while touring the UP… this would be the one to hit!  Close to L'Anse just off of US 41 North. (see Falls River map)

Black River Falls & Black River Scenic Byway

Near Bessemer Michigan - You'll find (5) beautiful waterfalls within 2-mile radius!  It's absolutely worth taking a drive to see! Black River Road is a beautiful scenic road that takes you to Lake Superior passing Copper Peak Lookout - SPECTACULAR during Fall Colors. (see Black River Falls map)

Black River Harbor

A wonderful boardwalk along the Black River. A popular destination,River Harbor Recreation Area offers boating access to Lake Superior, beaches, scenic hiking trails and nearby campground. (see Black River Harbor map)

Porcupine Mountains

Located in Ontonogan County - known for it's vast virgin timbers, wonderful waterfalls, rugged hiking trails, and remote historic mines from the past all are a part of the UP heritage one will find. (see Porcupine Mountains map)

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Rewarding Places to Stay in Michigan

by Wyndham

40 E Adams St
Iron River, MI 49935

Lake Inn

1700 County Road 424
Gaastra, MI 49917

Lakeshore Motel
Ice Lake

1257 W Ice Lake Rd
Iron River, MI 49935


373 Brule Mountain Rd
Iron River, MI 49935

Ski Brule

397 Brule Mountain Rd
Iron River, MI 49935


1968 US 141 Highway
Amasa, MI 49903


Iron County Michigan Visitors Guide

Iron County is one of the Upper Peninsula’s best kept secrets. From camping to fishing, hunting to canoeing, mountain biking to forest bathing – no matter your interests, the great outdoors and clear crisp air await you here.