Snowmobile Trail Report

Due to the unseasonably warm weather last week the snowmobile trail report for Iron County had not been updated.  I new report was released yesterday and I wanted to make sure everyone knew the conditions. Trails are in “good” condition and ready to ride!  Below is the updated report! Plan your stay at!

Date of Report: (1/30/2017)

Trail Conditions – Trails are in ” Fair to Good” condition – a little icy on the corners

Snow Cover:  (12″ – 15″)  inches of snow cover

 Area Report: 

Iron County trail system is OPEN.  Groomers have started grooming the trails again now that the warm weather is behind us.  We still have a good solid ice base even after the January thaw.  The northern & western trails are in pretty good shape… southern & eastern trails have less snow cover and may be a little more icy.  Snowmobilers this weekend say the trails are very rideable… but one needs to use caution coming into the corners and at the intersections. Snow is in the forecast for Monday… calling for (2-4) inches. Would love to see 10 inches come our way.  😉

Trail #2.. Trail#116.. Trail#16.. Trail#113.. Trail #18 .. Trail #107 – all in “Fair to Good” condition”!

Trail #15 North – “Fair”condition – There is a re-route where trail #111 & trail #15 meet.. please stay on the new trail and follow the signage.

Trail #15 South – “Fair” condition – watch the corners.. not quite as much snow so corners are icy

Trail #111 – “rideable” condition


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